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Background Removel Service

Creative Editing Zone saves the time when you quickly need to cut out a person or object to paste into another picture, or to remove the background from a photo. We can Handles complex semi-transparent objects like hair easily, allowing you to get rid of the background of these images as easily as other images.

Given the tremendous success of the e-commerce industry and its ever-evolving needs in product photography, clipping path services and background removal services are something that comes into routine use.

Using a selection tool, the outline of the image or element of the image is marked / selected and then the background is removed. Depending on how complex the “edges” are, it can be less difficult to work with clearly. For example, individual hairs can do a lot of hard work. Therefore use the "green screen" technique (chroma key) which allows one to easily remove the background.

We perform everything from simple product cut outs to advanced cut-out tasks, e.g. Models with lots of hair, bicycles or other intricate figures and we provide with or without the way of clipping depending on the client's request. Naturally we can provide your images with clipping paths, masks and backgrounds in the desired file format with or without background. In short, the images are produced according to your specific request within the agreed delivery time.

We offer the production of standardized cut outs for websites. We can, for example, place the product in a template and resize the image so that the products are displayed with a professional and inviting, uniform look.