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Ghost Mannequin Service

We need to make the pictures of the products used for your business more vivid and relevant. Especially those retail fashion product sellers because directly the real customer is using your product. So the ghost mannequin business comes to make the pictures more vivid. Live models can be expensive, make scheduling difficult and sometimes unreliable. On the other hand, a puti is a smart one-time investment.

However, you do not want to display the panel. The standard of ghost mannequin comes as soon as it arrives. Whether you need a whole mannequin or just a neck or a joint, professionally executed ghost standards will give your product depth. We are here to help customers sell more products with high quality images by wearing your clothes and accessories as they appeal to customers with more natural looking photos.

Image editors are capable of altering an image to be rotated in any direction and to any degree. Mirror images can be created and images can be horizontally flipped or vertically flopped. A small rotation of several degrees is often enough to level the horizon, correct verticality (of a building, for example), or both. Rotated images usually require cropping afterwards, in order to remove the resulting gaps at the image edges.

Some image editors allow the user to distort (or "transform") the shape of an image. While this might also be useful for special effects, it is the preferred method of correcting the typical perspective distortion which results from photographs being taken at an oblique angle to a rectilinear subject. Care is needed while performing this task, as the image is reprocessed using interpolation of adjacent pixels, which may reduce overall image definition. The effect mimics the use of a perspective control lens, which achieves a similar correction in-camera without loss of definition.

If you are in the apparel business, you face the challenge of showing the fitness of a product without breaking the bank or confusing your customer. Customers need to see the size of a product and flat or folding displays do not provide the required level of detail. Your product photography should certainly show the product being worn, but models can be expensive and mannequins isolated.