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Photo Drop Shadow Service

Photo Drop Shadow Service means a type of visual effect which exactly looks like a shadow of the object or show us an impression of the object. Basically, it is a system in which we have to add a grey and black shadow of the object and it should be under the main layer of a photo. You must have to draw a shadow which is related to the original image of the product. Otherwise, it will look odd and artificial. This is an excellent service by which we can develop a natural and realistic insight of an image and provide it to our clients.
Creating drop shadow on images is not an easy task. It requires higher level of expertise and proper knowledge about the service. We have to keep in mind a lot of things before creating drop shadows on images. But we have an excellent team of highly skilled and experienced editors who can maintain all the requirements of our clients and deliver quality work within deadline.

What is Photo Drop Shadow Service?

Photo Drop Shadow Service is a creative graphic design art which can be only done by the expert and professional editors. In a nutshell, it means the drawing of a shadow of the image object. It has a pretty realistic and professional demand in online and e-commerce business throughout the world. Using Photo Drop Shadow Service allows the e-commerce sites to showcase natural and original product photos. Manipulated drop shadow will create an original vibe of the product in the mind of the visitors.
But we have to remain careful about some things such as, we can’t use variation of glow in the same image. We have to ensure dropping shadows of the object with same amount of glow. Proportion plays an important role in Photo Drop Shadow Service. So, we have to maintain the exact right proportion between the image and the shadow. And to do these type of work, you must have to hire professionals because only they will be able to do these things and apply them on the image also.
Background, color, contrast, distance, etc. are key factors to complete the best Photo Drop Shadow Service. If anything misses out, then we have to put more effort to the job. We have to maintain the distance between the object and shadow in the image otherwise it can lose its originality. Color of applied shadow should always be gray and black. Otherwise, it will look manipulative and artificial.

Types of Photo Drop Shadow Service

There are different type of drop shadow service available. Here we are categorizing them according to the complexity of the service as follows:

Create Reflection Shadow

This type of shadow service is used for improving the attraction of the image so that it can persuade people to buy them. Objects which background layer reflects in the lower area which is also known as tail area. Designers like us only duplicate the layer and create a reflection effect on it. It certainly increase the depth of the product images.

Create Natural Shadow

There are some images where the background layer cannot reflect so we can’t duplicate the layer to create reflection effect to make the shadow visible. We get this type of image a 3D look. It is quite fascinating and eye-catching. For this reason, it can easily attract the eyes of the customers and persuade you to grab your product from the site. You will learn the difference when you will see both the before and after photo.

Create Drop Shadow

Create drop shadow is an excellent art which can be done by using Photoshop layer feature. To do so, you have to remove the background of the image on the first place. Then, you have to put a fake background in place of the real one. If you do this type of shadow service, then you will look that the image has a better glow than before which will surely attract a lot of people at the first glance. It will then earn its professional using status from your clients.

Retain Original Shadow

When you hire some rookie photographers to shoot your products, then sometimes their captured photos have dull shadows and it makes the photo look unrealistic and artificial. In this type of situation, we use our techniques to retain the original shadow of the product and give it an attractive look to showcase.

What are the benefits of Photo Drop Shadow Service?

To make your photo more natural and lively, you must have to take Photo Drop Shadow Service. Because it has a significant quality to present the product image in a professional way. Because of its popularity and demand, Photo Drop Shadow Service is renowned all over the world these days. There are a lot of usage of service. Some uses it only to make photos appealing, some uses to create natural-looking shadow, some uses to enhance the texture and depth. But yet it has other benefits too. Which are discussed below:

• Reduce the blurriness If you want to reduce or enlarge the blur of drop shadow, then Photo Drop Shadow Service can do that for you. They will complete it with their professional touch. So, your image will get an exceptional eye-catching look.

• Shifting drop shadow Photo Drop Shadow Service can also shift drop shadow of an object from photos. This is a difficult task but still the experts can manage to shift the shadow anywhere they want. Sometimes, a shadow in background or behind looks more appealing. This is when this service can provide you its benefit.

• Adjusting drop shadow Photo Drop Shadow Service can manage, adjust, and alter drop shadows of any place and any type of image. There is no barrier or restrictions in adjusting shadows behind the images. But you must have to hire experts and professionals to these type of jobs so that they can do this task precisely.

• Adding edges to image Adding edges of any color to an image is quite a task for Photo Drop Shadow Service. Specially adding white edges is the demand of the most people. Photo Drop Shadow Service can do this type of service pretty easily and it can be a great benefits for the clients who requires this type of work.

• Trimming the edges of image Photo Drop Shadow Service can also trim the edges of an image so that it can look realistic and natural. This type of service is a must need for the e-commerce site to manipulate the visitors about the originality of the product photo. Trimming the edges precisely can be an extra benefits for most of the people out there who are in online product business.

• Enhancing the darkness Sometimes there will be dark area in the photos which will make the shadow dull. Photo Drop Shadow Service can enhance the darkness of the masked areas of an image and make it look attractive to create a good first impression to the visitors of the site. This is another notable benefits of Photo Drop Shadow Service.

• Laying drop shadows Photo Drop Shadow Service can also lay product drop shadow. It is the most popular thing in this service. Almost all the clients want this service. We can ensure of providing the best laying drop shadow service to our clients. It can be a great benefit for your brand and company as you will be able to make a mark in the online and e-commerce business.

Why you should choose our Photo Drop Shadow Service?

First of all, we have a significant experience in managing these type of Photo Drop Shadow Service efficiently. We have earned a place in this business by our quality work and professionalism. Our team is prepared for any type of photo drop shadow task and willing to deliver the best quality shadow image within the quickest possible time. Our Photo Drop Shadow Service is top-notch and of high-quality. It will surely beat the natural and original look by remaining of original quality. This is the best thing about our service for which you should choose our service without any second thought.
If you choose us as your Photo Drop Shadow Service, then you will find the difference of our work with the others when we will deliver your images after editing. Even we offer an affordable price and assure meeting the deadline precisely which is a rare case in this business. Even we provide our service after the completion of the order so that our client remain satisfied about our job and come back to us with their next project.

Who needs Photo Drop Shadow Service?

Usually, e-commerce business sites, advertising agencies, printing press, fashion houses, etc. use Photo Drop Shadow Service. But apart from them modeling companies, promotion companies, and catalog design houses also use this service to make their photo look exceptional and attractive than others. Even the wild life photographers use our service to make their photo look more natural and vigorous.


Here are some of the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). So that you can have a proper insight about our Photo Drop Shadow Service.

How do I get rid of drop shadow from a photo?

In order to getting rid of drop shadow from a photo you have to follow these steps as follows:

1. Use the selection tool to select your desired object.
2. Go to the menu bar and tap on appearance option.
3. A new tab will open named appearance.
4. Search for drop shadow and select it.
5. At the bottom right you will find the delete option, press it, and drop will be removed permanently.

What does drop shadow do?
The main purpose of a drop shadow is to make the appearance of an object in image more realistic and natural. So a drop shadow does all the things which is necessary to draw a shadow which is an identical shadow of the object in the image.

Which image formats do you accept?
As we will need the image to start our work with of Photo Drop Shadow Service. So, you have to provide us images on the first place. Though we prefer JPG and PNG format mainly. But yet we also accept ZIP, PSD, and TIFF file formats.

Are drop shadows tacky?
Yeah, drop shadows are tacky sometimes. This is why you should not use drop shadows unless you need it. Clarity is a key of any image but adding shadows or dropping shadows can make your design or photo a bit busier and manipulated. Your photo will become more complicated than it needed to be. This is why we are saying drop shadows are tacky.

What is inner shadow?
When an editor wants to add an inner shadow effect by adjusting the color, blur, and offset is known as inner shadow. You can add multiple inner shadow effect in one object of a photo. But you can alter the changes by selecting them and get your desired inner shadow on the object.

What is outer glow?
Outer glow is a familiar term in Photo Drop Shadow Service. It is mostly used for simulating light from the object’s border. It is a common layer style you will find in Photoshop but only an expert and professional can use it precisely on an image.


If you want to improve your product impressions in online and e-commerce sites, then Photo Drop Shadow Service can be a blessing for you. It can provide your product photos an appealing look and attract many people to buy your products. It will create an original vibe in the mind of the visitors at the first glimpse. As we have discussed earlier, you can apply a lot of drop shadow on your photo. Even you can retain the natural shadow if you want. In current times, there are a few places in our country where you can get a quality work of Photo Drop Shadow Service. We can ensure the best results with an affordable price within the deadline. So, if you are looking for a place to take Photo Drop Shadow Service, then do contact and try us.